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Glossy Film

Bopp thermal lamination film is Bopp(biaxial oriented polypropylene)as the base material, use the composite extrusion coating  process to combine layer of bopp film to thermal laminating adhesive. 

Product details:


Material: Bopp                         Usage: Packing &Priting                             Type: Stretch film 

Feature: Moisture Proof        Processing Type: Multiple Extrusion         Origina: Qingdao

Length: 200m to 3000m       Width: 200mm to 1860mm                        Thickness:  17mic to 32mic

Delivery  Time:

20 days after order


1. Environmentally-friendly:

It is environmentally-friendly, non-hazardous to health and safe to uses as no toxic gases .

2.Easy to control:

It is easy to operate once the required temperature is met and no special technique required.

3.    Efficient and energy-saving:

Production cost is reduced substantiallyas there is no film wastage, mixture of adhesive solvent, and no UV heating lampis required.


1) Cover on the paper, books, magazines, catalogs, posters, leaflets, calendarsand maps etc.

 2) Medicine, advertisements, cosmetics

3) Digital printing and showingboard

Package Details:

All film rolls are packed with paper carton;

All cartons are secured on wooden pallets;

All pallets are well packed with packing belts; and well wrapped with stretch film;

One container can load twelve pallets.