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Bopp thermal laminating film(matt/glossy )

Product details:


Feature:moisture proof              Transparency:transparent               Material:Bopp

Hardness:soft                              Type:stretch film                                Usage:packing & printing

Processing type: multiple extrusion  Origin: Qingdao                        Length: 200m to 3000m

Width: 200mm to 1860mm                Thickness: 18um,20um,24um,25um 27um, 28um


1. Environmentally-friendly

It is environmentally -friendly,non-hazardous to health and safe to uses as no toxic gases

2.    High function:

Strong ability of absorbing powder. Mattthermal lamination film is good for spot UV and hot stamping.

3.    Easy to control:

It is easy to operate once the requiredtemperature is met and no special technique required.

4.    Efficient and energy-saving:

Production cost is reduced substantiallyas there is no film wastage, mixture of adhesive solvent, and no UV heating lampis required.